Cheeseburger Eggrolls

August 19, 2013

This is really a simple one from the start. Not only that, but it makes them easy to eat being all wrapped up nicely! It is a hit with kids and adults alike. And, it is kinda fun. Let your kids help you roll. Even messy, it is still yummy! I don’t mean to make it sound like so many steps-but I figure breaking it down so much will make this easier for someone who has never made an eggroll before!!! It really is not terribly complicated!

Grab this stuff:

  • Lumpia wrappers (or egg roll wrappers.) I use Lumpia Wrappers by Orientex
  • 1 pound lean ground meat of choice-I really do like ground beef in these!
  • 2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
  • salt (if desired)
  • pepper (if desired)
  • Shredded reduced or fat free cheese-I used reduced fat shredded cheddar (I use about half a cup)

You can use other seasonings, these are just my favorite. Plain and simple, hint of flavor, classic.

Do This:

  1. Heat oven to 350°
  2. Mix the meat with your seasonings and brown the meat.
  3. Drain the excess fat and let the meat cool down just a tad! I have noticed when it is too hot, it causes the wrappers to tear. Tip for draining grease, line a bowl with tin foil and pour the excess grease in the bowl, when cool you can wrap and toss!
  4. Place the wrapper in front of you as a diamond. (Note, sometimes the wrappers rip. Just have that corner near you!)
  5. Place a small amount of meat in a line near the bottom.
  6. Place a small amount of cheese on top (can also be cheese, then meat.)
  7. Take the bottom corner roll over the meat and cheese, and tuck under the meat and cheese. (See, tuck torn portion!)
  8. Take the two side corners and fold into the middle, one on top of the other.
  9. Continue to roll from the bottom up.
  10. When fully rolled, moisten the top corner to get it to stick to the rest of the roll.
  11. Place on greased cookie sheet.
  12. When done making rolls, bake for about 10-12 minutes until outsides are a nice golden color.
  13. Serve with dipping sauces: ketchup, mustard, etc.

Makes roughly 14 egg rolls. 2 make me happy. Nutrition is per eggroll! Careful with the wrappers, the brand I use is super thin and can tear really easily. But I like them best because they are crunchy and crispy and only 4 carbs per wrapper, so if I am starving that night and somehow eat 3 I am only getting 12 carbs from the wrappers!

Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 2.06.12 PM Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 2.06.31 PM

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  1. Gina says: February 17, 2016

    Can these be frozen and reheated? Also how long are they good for in the fridge and what is the best way to reheat them?

    • Tamera says: February 22, 2016

      I have never tried to freeze to reheat. But I think it would work well-I personally would reheat it at the same oven temp, but maybe half-2/3 of the time of the original bake. Or maybe in a toaster oven. Microwaves have a way of making things soggy when they are reheated. We have refrigerated leftovers and heated them back up in the microwave. They still tasted amazing, but they were soggier than the original. I would have preferred to reheat them in the oven or toaster oven next time.

  2. Jody Cullen says: August 10, 2016


  3. Shanna says: September 8, 2016

    I see it only has 82. Calories. Is this per 1? Or what is considered a serving?

    • Tamera says: September 14, 2016

      As stated, the nutrition facts are per egg roll (and of course is an average as each egg roll will be slightly different.)

  4. Christine says: January 29, 2017

    Family absolutely loved these!!


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