September 22, 2014


Have you ever noticed people freaking out at 3 weeks out from surgery because they stopped losing? How about the people at 3 months out?

Stalling is a completely normal thing to happen. It is not a stall if you havent lost any in a couple days. It is if it lasts over a week. Some don’t consider it a stall until you hit 2 weeks of no loss. This is where taking your measurements comes in handy! Measure your waist (a true waist line is just over the belly button normally), measure your hips, measure your upper thighs and your biceps. Shoot, even measure your NECK. All of these will start loosing inches. The most common time for those inches to melt away is when the scale is at a standstill.

Stalls are just a way for your body to catch up and take a rest before the next big drop! Well, normally. If your stall is lasting 3 weeks or more, evaluate your eating and exercising habits. If you are getting too few calories, your body will stop burning extra calories and begin to retain everything it can. If you are eating too many, your body will not be able to burn it off. The amount of working out goes hand in hand with the amount of calories consumed.

Now, the TYPES of calories consumed can start a stall as well. Keep logging your foods. During the weight loss phase you want to be low carb. When you do eat carbs, aim for veggies, have some whole grains (real oatmeal, quinoa, etc.) You do need some carbs for proper brain and nervous system function, but if you are reaching for white bread, crackers, chips, etc., you will be setting yourself up for failure. Using these things for fuel for your body would be akin to using watered down gasoline in a car-it may run some, but it will stop running soon.

Another cause of stalls is just simply becoming too routine in your habits. Doing the same workouts all the time, eating the exact same meals… it gets boring and the body learns how to exist on it without changing anything. Again, take a look at your eating habits, switch things up, discover new foods. LOG your foods (seeing what you eat that way helps so much!) Log your work outs, try new workouts, add 10 minutes to a walk/run, use a new weight machine. Keep things interesting to keep your body on its toes!

Take away this-stalls are NORMAL. They will happen frequently for many in the first year. No, you are not a failure. Keep following plan and you will succeed. If a stall starts to last too long, go over your daily life and see if it is too routine or if things you should not be eating have snuck in. If you can find nothing wrong, and it still lasts, go see your nutritionist or your surgeon to ensure you are on track with what you are doing. Sometimes, long stalls can signify  other underlying medical issues that need to be checked out-but those are rare.

Please do not do the Five Day Pouch Test in the first year, possibly first 2 years. Your pouch is working, just go back to basics and you will be fine. Otherwise the Pouch Test turns into a WLS patients new form of a fad diet.

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