No Shame

March 8, 2016


For awhile before I had my surgery, I struggled. I am a Christian and I have been told for years that God makes us exactly how we should be. Well, I was morbidly obese and in severe pain. I was not always that way, I was once “skinny”. I was once living pain free. So did God make me this way, or did I? Well, I did. I lived an unhealthy lifestyle for years that contributed to where I was. For those of you who have been larger your whole life-it is NOT how we were created to live. Whether you believe in God or not, our bodies are not made to be morbidly obese for long. Our hearts cannot keep up with trying to pump enough blood for more than one person. Our spines are not capable of carrying extra people for long. Because essentially, many of us are carrying at least one teenager around. 100 pounds is equal to many average teens, at at least a member of a boy band. Stop and imagine it-how long could you last carrying one on your back? If you can’t imagine doing it for even a few minutes, think about how you are doing it all day, every day.

Looking back, it was silly for me to struggle with my choice to have surgery. I knew it was not going to be easy-and boy my story has beenĀ far from easy. I was not changing who I was born to be at all. In fact, by having my Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass, I have been able to fully become who I am meant to be. I am meant to be a warrior-someone to fight for others. I am meant to be a supporter-someone who is there to cheer you on and help hold you up. I am meant to be a teacher-someone to help you learn and grow. I am meant to be a friend-someone who is willing to just be there in whatever capacity is needed in the moment. I am here to help speak out for those who cannot or will not. I am here to help in the fight to destigmatize weight loss surgery. Had I not gone through with my WLS I would have made all the wrong assumptions about those who had theirs. I would have been miserable and on narcotics daily. I was facing spinal surgery that is no longer needed thanks to losing the weight. I would not have been able to be the best mother I can be to my two kids.

So, don’t feel shame for having, or looking at havingĀ this surgery. Don’t feel shame for accepting help. We cannot always do everything on our own, and we were not meant too. Accepting this tool is like accepting a hand to climb up a difficult hill. It is just help in the right direction. It is NOT a cure all. It is NOT easy. It does not mean that all your problems will wholly disappear. All it is, is one tool that you can use to become healthy again. Weight Loss Surgery is not about becoming skinny, but about becoming HEALTHY. We want to be around for those we love, and this is one way to do it. Feel proud that you are taking steps to become the best you that you can possibly be!

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  1. Green Garcinia Gold review says: March 16, 2016

    Awesome article.

  2. Misty says: March 19, 2016

    You look amazing! So inspiring. My surgery is scheduled for May 2nd and I couldn’t be happier!


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