Bariatric Win – An Online Bariatric Support Community

Right now, this community is a small project as a result of my own RNY Gastric Bypass in Jacksonville, FL. NO ONE helped me, nor mentored me, as I was preparing for my surgery. The only support I found was within my own family. I had to complete the hard task of researching all the issues I would face in my new life post-surgery. Around a year after I had my surgery, I stepped up and was helping a new patient out and prepare for her surgery. With her help, after her surgery, I created a group on Facebook for patients at the hospital we had surgery at. It has started growing pretty fast. We are finding friends from around the country who also have no support and have not been happy with other online support sites. After talking with my amazing husband, he decided to start helping me build this site. The Facebook group was starting to get hard to navigate. So, BariatricWin.com was born.